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What to Expect At Great South Bay Chiropractic

On your first visit, our primary concern is targeting the problem, enabling a proper treatment plan and a schedule to ensure recovery.

For your initial visit and evaluation, you should allow yourself about 30 minutes for the appointment. When you enter our facility, you’ll be greeted by the front desk coordinator, who will have you complete some minor paperwork.

Dr. Farrago will sit with you and ask you to describe and explain any issues and pain you are having. If necessary, he will take x-rays, which we perform on the premises for your convenience. He will then implement electric stimulation and a moist heat pack or ice pack, depending on the injury. After several minutes of stimulation, Dr. Farrago will perform a subluxation of your spine as well as an adjustment of your neck. Additionally, he’ll stretch you and perform light massage work to ensure a comfortable experience.

When your treatment is complete, you’ll meet again with the front desk coordinator to schedule your future appointments, which are based upon your diagnosis. Typically, we like to see patients three times a week in the beginning phase of their injury.

On the second visit, you can expect a shorter appointment time.

Your treatment then lasts for approximately 15 minutes. You’ll begin to feel a change in equilibrium as your body is adjusting to its repairs. Dr. Farrago will discuss any x-rays that he may have taken, and repeat the treatment.

After the first two visits, you’ll begin to feel a change and realize how important Chiropractic is for your health!

Chiropractic becomes a part of your weekly routine, as well as your life. We often joke with busy mothers and working fathers that their visit is their “relaxation time.” In such a comfortable environment, complete with friendly faces, you will feel different from the way you would in a typically sterile office environment. Who knew that there was the possibility of a doctor’s visit that you could actually enjoy?

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