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Meet Dr. Farrago

…Chiropractic was the only discipline that worked hand-in-hand with the human body..

Dr. Andrew Farrago

Dr. Andrew Farrago

Back in college, as I explored my options for medical school, I came to understand that chiropractic was the only discipline that worked hand-in-hand with the human body, gently urging it to its optimal state of health. The realization was exhilarating. I wasn’t only going to help people get well; I was going to teach them how to stay well.

Patchogue : The Ideal Place

After I earned my chiropractic degree in 1984, I began to search Long Island for the ideal place to establish my practice. The beauty and vibrance of Patchogue, with its rich history, warmth, and charm, convinced me that this was the place for me. I found the perfect location in an old Victorian house at the corner of Route 112 and Oak Street.

Once I had a location, it was time to start building my practice. I was very excited to begin treating patients, and their enthusiasm as they felt their symptoms disappear confirmed what I already knew-the Chiropractic philosophy is the answer to attaining and maintaining health naturally.

Great South Bay Chiropractic Patients Enrich My Life

Although my patients’ results were exactly what I expected, the quality of our relationships was something for which I was totally unprepared. No one could have told me the many ways that the people who walked in my door would enrich my life. Their appreciation, devotion, and loyalty forever changed the way I would view the doctor-patient relationship. They made me part of their lives in a way that traditional medical practitioners never experience.

Twenty-five years later, the Victorian house has been replaced by a much larger facility that is a recognizable landmark on Route 112. My original patients are still with me, along with a new generation that I’ve had the opportunity to treat early in their lives, increasing the likelihood that they’ll enjoy the advantages of enhanced health for the long run. Thanks to the expansion, I can treat more patients in more ways, with a rehabilitation area and technologies that weren’t available when I first opened my doors (see the DRX 9000), and which the original building couldn’t have accommodated. But really, all of this is built on a foundation laid 25 years ago-the belief that through Chiropractic, the people of Patchogue and I could create healthier, happier lives, holistically. I still make a difference in the Patchogue community every day, and that motivates me to continue striving to do even more.

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